Glasshouse HOA board statement

Candidate Statement for open position on the Glass House Board of Directors

Joshua Landis

Owner- # 2019

My Qualifications

  • Glasshouse home owner since 2016.

  • Past president of two Colorado HOA boards and currently serving on a third (a small one that does not take up much of my time).

  • Licensed and active Colorado Realtor for 14 years. Currently employed as an Associate Broker with Christie’s International Real Estate.

  • Licensed at the Managing Broker level in Colorado, although not currently serving in that capacity.

  • Well versed and experienced with HOA documents and with the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA), which governs HOA management in Colorado.

  • Business/ Marketing Degree - B.S. from Regis University.

  • Long-time small business owner, real estate investor, and entrepreneur in Colorado.

  • Third-generation Denver native with much love for my home city and state.

Reasons for my desire to serve on the board

  • As an owner, I have become aware of some management-related mishaps that have caused problems for homeowners and I want to ensure that the Glasshouse construction & remodel rules will be better enforced, and properly monitored and supervised by our building management team.

  • I am of the opinion that we have flawed complaint / response / communication process and I’d like to see the Glasshouse complaint / response/ communication process be improved to better protect all homeowners as intended - especially in cases where there is construction in a unit that is located above another residence.

  • I believe that our Board Of Directors needs to exercise greater oversight on our management company in cases where an owner may be harmed and/ or when a conflict of interest may exist for a member of the management team. I want to ensure that proper chain of command is followed when it comes to matters of dispute between an owner and the building management company, whom we employ as our vendor. The Board owes a fiduciary duty to the homeowner while our managers are employed by us and serve at the direction of our board.

  • Colorado law mandates that all rules be followed and enforced as they are written in our governing documents. Our management company has a duty to carefully supervise construction projects and to protect homeowners from others who do not follow our construction rules or go outside of the scope of their permits and approvals. As our building ages, we will see more remodel activity. Sooner or later most owners will have a remodel project above them so everyone should be concerned about compliance with construction and sound-proofing rules.

  • I believe that when a remodel project is approved above another unit, the neighboring owner(s) should be provided with notice that describes the scope of the work and the expected length of time that the project will continue. Neighboring owner(s) should be given the contact information for the “managing agent” who is responsible for overseeing the project. The rules of oversight are clearly detailed in our condo Declaration and our Rules & Regulations and they need to be followed.

  • I believe that I have identified a need for greater transparency, communication, and accountability from our management company as it relates to construction projects and disruptive activities that affect other owners.

I love the Glasshouse and I plan to reside here for many years to come. Overall, I think that our building is well-run, but I believe that some changes are necessary in order for us to better maintain the integrity and reputation of our building. I would be honored and thrilled to offer my time and energy to create some positive changes for all building owners and to assist as necessary with all matters of HOA governance.

Thank you, my fellow homeowners, for your consideration.


Joshua Landis